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The passage of time is so often only lived through and through by us humans, integrating seconds and minutes into a mind piece as ubiquitous as the oxygen we breathe. Jellyfishes, they never felt the urge to worry if they’re … Continue reading

14. April 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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It was a musically bright year

Long time no see eh? Yes, it’s a holiday, but things kept me busy and my writing mood was drained answering question on my formspring, ask me anything. It might be a tad too late but welcome to the new … Continue reading

21. January 2010 by Kevin Aditya
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August is my fave month for sure

This August sure starts good, isn’t it, anyone? I lack time to post words since the start of the month, and I’m sure as hell this August will be a pretty busy month. Like on August 1st that was my … Continue reading

06. August 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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Gimme back my Rp 15k!

Okay so today I finally watched the Watchmen I’ve been waiting for a looong time, but the bad thing is, I got out from the theater before the movie was finished because the sensei was waiting for me at school … Continue reading

27. April 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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