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I always make sure that I post in this blog at least once a month. By that nature, this post should be that post, which I posted to comply to the rule I made myself. This post is probably meaningless … Continue reading

30. November 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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Scat scouring; #1

To the ever falling rainy afternoon, to what you might have become in the meantime of what could have been, to the feminism of trees and flowers in the front of my room, in between the dark clouds are the … Continue reading

08. October 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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Strolling trivialities

I have always been fascinated by the simple fact that wherever I’m going, every person I meet even for a brief second on the street, always has a lifetime of stories beneath their appearance. Be it the street hawker, the … Continue reading

20. September 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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To the people who are always hungry of knowing more and exploring the limits of what humans have come to learn, to be encapsulated in the infinite loop of knowledge that is the Internet could be the greatest timesink ever. … Continue reading

29. August 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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The passage of time is so often only lived through and through by us humans, integrating seconds and minutes into a mind piece as ubiquitous as the oxygen we breathe. Jellyfishes, they never felt the urge to worry if they’re … Continue reading

14. April 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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Last January when I went to a photo trip to Semarang with my dearest student unit, LFM, it was more or less a journey to relive the heterogeneity of religious cultures that has existed a long way before a country … Continue reading

13. February 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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In ITB, where I’ve met people from all over the country with various backgrounds, hometowns, characters, and (mostly high) intelligence, one sort of variation that I still cannot fully comprehend is motivation. Upon observation, there are two kinds of people … Continue reading

19. December 2010 by Kevin Aditya
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Eruptive illusion

Did you know that the most famous painting of Edvard Munch, Skrik (The Scream), that also inspired the character Ghostface from the Scream movies, has the reddish sky background based on real-life red sky that had been all over Europe … Continue reading

16. November 2010 by Kevin Aditya
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At times, studying in ITB leaves you hardly any room left for your soul to breathe some fresh mood, as the atmosphere is contesting and the people are very determined. One assignment after another, student unit activities, and plenty of … Continue reading

09. September 2010 by Kevin Aditya
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Social stream of consciousness

This is year 2010. You, readers, are probably in your late teens or early twenties. We are the generation who have grown out from the books-and-toys childhood to the world where every entertainment is available on screens, thanks to the … Continue reading

29. August 2010 by Kevin Aditya
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