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Late Bloomers, I/2015

“Hey, you’re not writing again!” is what an imaginary reader of my blog might have said (read: myself), and indeed it’s been quite some time since I last wrote something in this space, but this time the reason is more technical … Continue reading

08. August 2015 by Kevin Aditya
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Drifting: a playlist

You are most likely laying in the comfort on your own bed now, a Saturday morning that you can finally enjoy after weeks of working overtime and other bustling activities. You rest your head on your pillow, staring at the ceiling … Continue reading

31. January 2015 by Kevin Aditya
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Swimming: a playlist

You are staring at your screen right now, perhaps, when you are supposedly doing something else of higher importance. But it’s justifiable. You’ve had a long week and need just a moment to catch some air. You could make a … Continue reading

13. June 2014 by Kevin Aditya
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Sunshower: a playlist

  It’s the peak of rainy season here in Bandung. Which means it rains day and night, leaving everyone snuggling in their warm blanket and hot tea and influenza — except when it’s never actually like that. Most of ITB … Continue reading

04. December 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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Six months, six albums: 2011/1

Now, it’s a proper time to write again about all the good records released within the past semester, since it’s holiday and I’ve got more free time than… ever. I know June isn’t over yet, but I’m not going to … Continue reading

27. June 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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Annual #1

This one is a draft I’ve forgotten for the past few weeks, so I’ll just post it now. Some of my favorite tracks from the past year. It’s weird that I got sick around the exact same time as I … Continue reading

20. January 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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Sleeping soundly

There are times when you just can’t sleep, no matter how grueling your day was. Your eyes are closed but your mind is running a series of imagery of things you have to do as soon as you wake up … Continue reading

04. December 2010 by Kevin Aditya
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