Six years after my last post, the world has been through monumental change, and so has my life. The one writing the post below was a semi-fresh grad working in a place he half-heartedly applied to a year earlier before his graduation ceremony, a young man unsure of where his boat is heading or even whether he could steer his boat at all. Today, that young man just turned thirty.

My life was simple in 2015: wake up and commute, arrive at work 2 hours too early to avoid traffic, sleep it off at the mosque, work whatever the boss requested in a leisurely pace until we need to ramp up the pace in the afternoon, go home after dark. Simple and unsatisfying.

Today, of course, the world itself has become more challenging for all of us to live in. A virus is ravaging the globe while the climate is on the cusp of breaking down. In a time where millions died, I must acknowledge my privilege and luck to be able to stay healthy and away from the nation’s pandemic epicentrum, with my closest people also able to stay healthy and sane enough to not fall into misinformation.

Turning thirty in the midst of global uncertainty is an opportunity to count my blessing: a stable career of social consulting, a wife (got married this February!), a lovely dwelling in the neighboring island, and overall a slower life. Of course I still have goals to work on — particularly getting a masters degree, but for now, let’s just focus to be happy on my present.

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01. August 2021 by Kevin Aditya
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