Late Bloomers, I/2015

“Hey, you’re not writing again!” is what an imaginary reader of my blog might have said (read: myself), and indeed it’s been quite some time since I last wrote something in this space, but this time the reason is more technical than sentimental. The Jetpack plugin in my WordPress installation went haywire, effectively disabling the site stats and social media publishing options (because hey, not being able to show the world your thoughts means less motivation to write). Worse off, during my stint as an armchair WP expert to try to save my site, I disabled Akismet the mighty spam filter for a few days and got more than ten fucking thousand comments spamming every corner of this site. Now all I could do is manual cleaning of the comments section, which is going slowly to avoid reaching the CPU usage limitation set by my hosting service — it’s a personal blog, of course I’m using the cheapest hosting package. Look, if you noticed that I got any of the techy terms wrong, then you can probably help me figure out what’s wrong with my Jetpack because even their support team couldn’t help me after an endless chain of emails.

By the way, I’m making another playlist out of the best/most interesting music I’ve been listening to on the first half of the year, just like I did in the past. There’s a buttload of female voices in there and they’re all amazing! I especially love Ibeyi, the French-Cuban wunderkind twins who might as well be Björk if she were born in Havana and spoke Yoruba. Also, you shouldn’t miss Destroyer. Dan Bejar is back with an LP titled Poison Season after four years, and while it might not be as good as the monumental achievement that is Kaputt, the record will definitely grow on you! It’s also probably the sole reason I bothered to make this playlist in the first place.

1. Silencer – Seoul
2. Taste the Ceiling – Wilco
3. Wildflower – Beach House
4. Dead Fox – Courtney Barnett
5. New Skin – Torres
6. 真実の恋 – 2 8 1 4
7. Archer on the Beach – Destroyer
8. La Loose – Waxahatchee
9. Think of You – Ibeyi
10. Thin Line – My Morning Jacket
11. Autodidact – Swervedriver
12. Abrasive – Ratatat
13. Love Paranoia – Tame Impala
14. Guess Who – Alabama Shakes
15. Green & Gold – Lianne La Havas

You can download the playlist here
Password: kevinadityadotcom
Check out past playlists here

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08. August 2015 by Kevin Aditya
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