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You are most likely laying in the comfort on your own bed now, a Saturday morning that you can finally enjoy after weeks of working overtime and other bustling activities. You rest your head on your pillow, staring at the ceiling and let the comfort sink into the depth of your mind. You wish you could just take off to the corner of the Earth this very moment, roaming through the jungle of Brazil with a machete or crossing a busy road in Japan with a cup of coffee in your hand. Yet here you are, feeling blessed for the simple fact that you can enjoy your weekend eating potato chips while watching movies. Sedentary lifestyle is draining you from the inside, but you don’t complain. You know you’re changing and that you’ll be moving forward again soon. You won’t stay still for another month, or maybe another year. You’re a person of movement, drifting through life in steady pique turns, crashing in grace where you shouldn’t. You’ll rise and fall, and you’ll keep moving. You’re the captain and the ocean only bless the ones that stay afloat. You plug your ears, turn the sound up to 11, and for a moment the world makes sense. Here are some of the better songs from last year, volume II.

01. Wisdom Teeth Song — Julie Byrne
02. A Vain Victory — Kissing Party
03. Nara — alt-J
04. Spotless Mind — Jhene Aiko
05. Inside Out — Spoon
06. Mirror Monster — Deerhoof
07. Lighthouse — Grouper
08. Ocean to City — High Highs
09. Crime — Real Estate
10. Keep on Lying — Jessie Ware
11. Shreds — Quality Cinema
12. Breaker 1 — Interpol

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31. January 2015 by Kevin Aditya
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