Swimming: a playlist

You are staring at your screen right now, perhaps, when you are supposedly doing something else of higher importance. But it’s justifiable. You’ve had a long week and need just a moment to catch some air. You could make a cup of coffee but beside you now is a cup of Darjeeling because you need to calm your nerves instead of amping them up. It’s okay. The comfort of your bed awaits. Your eyes will probably start a drowsy revolution to avoid staying up for another match of World Cup tonight. It’s no big deal, everyone else is most likely half conscious as well right now. Until you realize they really aren’t. They’re off doing something better like sleeping or watching movies or having some adventure on the other side of the globe… all the while you’re stuck staring at your screen pandering the worth of your existence. No worries, dear. Give up to your lack of energy. Rest your head and close your eyes. Listen to some better songs from the first half of 2014.


01. Disappearing — The War on Drugs
02. America — Fear of Men
03. Hazey — Glass Animals
04. Parade — The Antlers
05. Whispers from the Ether — Kognitif
06. Joey — Honeyblood
07. Gold — Chet Faker
08. Glowing Cityscape — Manon Meurt
09. Sick Talk — Wye Oak
10. Treat Her Better — Mac DeMarco
11. I Know — Flamingo
12. Coral and Gold — The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

13. Gone Wrong — Plastic Flowers

Edit: I forgot my favorite track from Plastic Flowers, now added as the 13th track, included on the download.

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13. June 2014 by Kevin Aditya
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