Timetrip Mourning Blues

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Timetrip Mourning Blues

Andy came quickly through my door. This is it! He said, but I didn’t get what he’s saying just yet. This is the living proof! A human through time! I was shocked for a while, thinking maybe he had knocked his head somewhere on his way home, but I followed him anyway. I walked outside to see a man in a brown suit, holding a newspaper clip which I later learned had the headline: Young Footballer Lost Without Trace. It dated back to twenty years ago. Andy said he bumped into the man on his way home, and being the big sports nerd he is, he recognized the man almost instantly.

The man was Joaquin Mourning. He was a footballer.


Show me what you’ve got, I said after taking him and Andy to a field. I produce a ball from my bag and passed it to him. According to Andy, if you are really Joaquin, you should have no problem getting through Andy and score between the two pine trees. He stood there for a while, swiftly dribbling to the already prepared Andy, swerving to the left before stopping the ball with his right foot and made a quick spin to the right of the gullible Andy. Such finesse. With a single long shot, the ball landed smooth on the grass field. Such precision. His movements wasn’t of someone who is in his mid-forties, and he certainly doesn’t look like one. Comparing to the newspaper photo, he probably aged only a year or two. Now, do you believe me? He didn’t say a word but it was written all over his huge shit eating grin.

Curiosity has got the best of us already. We talked and talked. He didn’t know what happened, other than that on a Tuesday afternoon he suddenly jumped forward by a minute over and over again, and later on that day he was gone and arrived in his room exactly 14 hours later in a single blink. It seems to work on his own will, and while there is probably no limit on how much forward he can go in time, it wasn’t the case in space since he can only move in approximately a 1 km radius.

Also, he can’t go back in time. Only forward.

Joaquin was about to finish his sentence while he vanished into thin air in a blink. No poof, no cloud of smoke or whatever. Andy was speechless. Had I not talked to calm him down he probably would lost his shit right there. A time traveler, describing his experience, and gone in half a millisecond.

I can see the huge disappointment in Andy’s eyes. But it need not to last long. In around four and a half minutes some young man came running across the field towards us. It was Joaquin, again.

Taking time to catch his breath, he apologized briefly. That it wasn’t intentional. Sometimes, just very occasionally he would lost control and jumped a few minutes forward to somewhere close.  I looked at his eyes. He stared back. I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not. Somehow his hair seemed just a tiny bit shorter. He couldn’t have got his hair cut in four and a half minutes, not to mention all by himself. His ears would have been chopped off. Why did you came back running? I asked him, because he could very well just walk off anywhere just fine leaving us in disbelief over his story. I need you guys, he said. I am not the only one who can blink. No, I am the only one. Probably. But I am not one. Someone is on my heels. Minutes, days, months, years — he is coming closer and closer.

What can you tell of him? What does he look like? Andy and I got more curious since today will probably turn into a big adventure we’ve hoped all our lives to live. Aaron hesitated. No, it’s not hesitation. He knew exactly what he was going to say. He just loves a big, dramatic pause. The man, he said — is myself.

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17. May 2013 by Kevin Aditya
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