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It’s the peak of rainy season here in Bandung. Which means it rains day and night, leaving everyone snuggling in their warm blanket and hot tea and influenza — except when it’s never actually like that. Most of ITB students are facing the final exams in the upcoming week, and currently everyone is busy working on their endless stack of assignments overnights. But hey, catch a little break, will you. It’s going to be over in two weeks anyway, whether you do it half-assed or full-fledged. In between the journals and formulas, I made a little playlist to accompany the white noise of nature, the drenched days and soaked nights, and probably driving you to sleep.

Do you know what it’s called when the rain draws in even when the sun is still up and about? In Japan they call it kitsune no yomeiri (the fox’s wedding), and nobody is supposed to see the procession or you might end up gifted a blade by the foxes to kill yourself, a la Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams. Meanwhile in our country we believed that a wealthy Chinese has just died during the rain. Racist bastards, aren’t we.

1. Autechre — “Nine”
2. Minta & The Brook Trout — “Devil We Know”
3. Of Montreal — “City Bird”
4. Balmorhea — “Shore”
5. Woods — “Wind Was the Wine”
6. Preludes — “Ariel”
7. Black Moth Super Rainbow — “Psychic Love Damage”
8. Oh Mercy — “Doldrums”
9. Gretchen Parlato — “In a Dream”
10. A Hawk and a Hacksaw — “Lazslo Lassú”

Click here and enjoy. Password: kevinadityadotcom

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04. December 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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