List of the technological misfortunes I’ve had so far this year is pretty impressive, and I do need to keep track of them.

1. iPod broke. Not even one song detected, but it can still be connected to the computer, so there must be somehow a way to recover the content. Having no music player sucks, though.

2. iPod lost. Not functioning is one thing, but losing it is a big deal. Now I’ll never be able to recover the >80GB, ten thousand songs music library, more than half of which are not backed up on my laptop. I think iPod Classic is the pinnacle of high capacity music players, and generations of iPod Touch are still no match for it. But now that one of my treasured possessions is long gone, my trips are hollow and silent like never before. Auburn, where are you?

3. Earphone lost. I had (and still have) to stick to my Blackberry Onyx for listening to music, which is pretty far from decent. But then I lost the white Sennheiser earphone, somewhere I don’t remember. It’s not the most pricey, but still a good earphone. So then I had to stick with the Rp 22k Daiso earphone which is surprisingly good for its price.

4. Earphone lost. Misplaced it somewhere, and had to get another one from Daiso, but somehow the new one is somehow infinitely worse than the previous Daiso earphone. Tinny as fuck.

5. Earphone sucks, so I didn’t use it anymore, and it somehow broke. Thankfully I had the opportunity to buy another one in HMV Singapore on my very short family holiday, a Rp 70k iLuv Bubblegum 2 which I would recommend for anyone looking for cheap earphones, great quality for the price.

6. Earphone got run over by a car, and then lost a few days later. One of the reason I would recommend it is that it survived being run over by a car thanks to its rubber material, but having earphones that can withstand nuclear meltdown is useless if you were to lose it days later. Currently refraining from buying another earphone until probably next year.

7. Laptop hinge broke. A minor issue, but the right laptop hinge that broke a few months ago is getting worse, and now it’s leaving the cables exposed. Now the laptop has to be opened with extra care to not break it even further. No performance issue though.

8. Blackberry broke. One midnight in my stay in Cirebon I was thirsty and so I drank some water and spilled some all over my Onyx. Next morning it won’t start. Tried putting it in a bag of rice after it was too late. The integrated circuit had corroded and must be replaced for a hefty sum of money.

9. Blackberry (almost) broke. Dropped it while running through the rain and forgot about it for 15 minutes only to find it on a bed of grass, soaked wet in the middle of the rain but still working. Learned from previous experience and quickly removed the batteries and put it in a bag of rice overnight. Now it’s back to normal, save for the permanently stained screen and a few dead pixels.

10. Laptop randomly shuts down. The latest and the last, the cooling fan in my Dell Inspiron seemingly have failed to work, and every time I play Dishonored the GPU overheats and just shut down like someone yanked the power cable. Using it for too long will also lead to random shutdown, leading to unsaved works lost followed by a fitting rage. I hope this one won’t cost too much to repair, since currently (and as it’s always been) my college life depends on it. Not to mention the hinge is still broken. Laptop, I believe in you.

Moral of the story: take very very very good care of your stuff or they will give up on you, one by one, continuously in a neverending series of technologically unfortunate events. And having no iPod sucks big time.

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30. November 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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