There are two kinds of people, as the old saying goes: those who live to eat, and those who eat to live. Since when I was a little boy, I always have the problem of gaining weight, no matter how much I eat. Not that it’s that much of a problem though: lean body means easier movement, which helps if you enjoy sports as much as I do. But as I try to gain weight over the last few months and only succeeded a tiny bit (1-2 kg), I noticed that beside the genetics, gaining weight is always correlated with your perspective on food and how you eat daily. A friend of mine who looks like a gorilla said he wanted to lose weight and asked me how. Noticing his habit of always chomping down on any food whenever available, I said to him my only perspective in gastronomical affairs: “If you’re not hungry yet, why should you eat?” and in return, he told me the golden rule of gaining weight (where golden does not equal healthy): “If there are food available, why not eat?”. Fast forward a few months and he now sheds quite a lot of weight, while I stay mostly the same. The problem is that it’s harder to change when eating never tops your list of priorities. If you’re the kind of people who can withhold eating whenever there are things more important to do, changing the perspective into an eat-first, shit-can-wait mindset is never easy. People who always have food in mind will have a better time constraining themselves from eating too much, considering they have strong enough willpower to do so.

Gaining weight works better if you build a fondness towards food. Some of you will ask “How can you not like food?” but no, I don’t hate food, but I don’t always keep food in mind over any other things that I have to do. Building a craving towards various food may be something new to some people. Notice how some people seem to always share their craving or take photos of their lunch through Twitter/Instagram/Path? Some of them might just be oversharers, but those people are the ones who appreciate food and enjoy the process of eating and savoring food. It’s an entirely new concept to me. I eat to satiate my hunger. But now I give more thought about food and the process of eating, and anyone gaining weight should first enjoy and savor every bite of food they’re having, and feel blessed with their good metabolism. And most importantly, eat healthy.

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29. October 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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