Passion Pit’s second LP, Gossamer, has been on my playlist over the last month, and for a good reason. The album is no Beatles masterpiece nor Neutral Milk Hotel cult classic. It’s pop. A very effective pop. Gossamer is something I wish I could hear on the radio these days instead of nonstop Christina Perri or Maroon 5 every hour (the latter which I admit has a charm on their own within their payphone song). If Manners managed to reach some airtime with their singles, every song in Gossamer sounds properly tuned for the mass market, and that’s not always a bad thing. It’s catchy, full of high notes, and crystal clear. What’s more is that Michael Angelakos did more underneath than just pop music — within the tracks are lines full of despair and criticism on the social and economic disparity, themes more often contradicting the spirit of pop, but it implies there’s something for everyone. “But it’s still radio-level pop tunes”, you say? Suck it up and listen to some pop!

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25. September 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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