Tell me your truth. Truth can be positioned as the basic trait of the universe, and mankind manipulates social interaction to get around it. The fact that we are out for our personal gain is undeniable. Through bending truth around with or without removing ourselves from the responsibility of telling the truth, we dominate, we manipulate, we overrule. We lie. But how can’t life be based on truth and truth only? You got so used to avoiding truth that every untruth you made has left nothing but a tiny space in your mind for a tiny sigh of relief of not denying. Not to people around you, not to your colleague, friend, or mother. The first person you keep the truth from is always yourself. No, you are not consoling others so they would feel better without knowing truth. You avoid truth because it feels good on you, not them. You divert the topic from questions you ask yourself. Is this wrong? What do you want to be? When will this end? The answers to those queries do exist, if only you had not tried to avoid them so hard. You might be hated for it, you might have to work hard, you might feel worse, but those would be the price of truth. Not answering what you would want to be might be easier than throwing every job on the wall to see what sticks, but you are not being true to yourself. Every decision made with truth for yourself and others in mind is a step towards not making yourself a worse person than you already are. Face your future. Face other people. Face yourself.

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21. August 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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