To move from a static position requires bigger effort than to simply accelerate when the object is already in motion. Bigger effort does not mean the subject have to exert huge power to kick start the motion, though. Small but steady pushes are never worthless as long as the object actually makes a budge, however small. Through the minute movements the object gains momentum and is able to roll forward with increasing pace, making any further attempts to push noticeably easier.

But sometimes you just want to sit and think. A cube is much more of a challenge to roll than a sphere, therefore you think of ways to roll it efficiently. Whether to cut the edges or use a crowbar. Whatever works, as long as you actually make a move. Thinking alone does not solve anything. Standing up and pushing does. There must be a reason Sloth is included in the 7 Deadly Sins.

But again sometimes, you don’t even think. You just stay, blossoming with joy, growing and unmoved. If you are content, then staying is always enough.

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30. April 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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