Danse macabre

The start of a year couldn’t be any bleaker: Death is suddenly found in more places than ever, from fatal rafting accident to untimely twentysomething heart attack to massive auto collision to the mortal end of slow illnesses. Each of them brought about tears and sorrow to those in the deepest circle of relationship to the late… and to those who are not, a contemplation on familiarity with death itself. A moment never meant to be celebrated, yet never too far around for us to forget. To the lives you have to live with one less person, to the friends you have with one less face around, I cannot empathize, yet. I thankfully still have each of my every closest people around. But it does not mean the condolences are not deep, the pain is not shared. The ones lost are never replaceable, but the ones still around are those who will help you stay and appreciate the life you live. To everyone who has lost their mothers, fathers, friends and relatives, here’s to hoping the tomorrows fulfill you with moments to soften and strengthen yourself. Yes, death is always dancing around in the corner, but in between the day you are born and the day you are gone, please love.

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12. February 2012 by Kevin Aditya
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