Strolling trivialities

I have always been fascinated by the simple fact that wherever I’m going, every person I meet even for a brief second on the street, always has a lifetime of stories beneath their appearance. Be it the street hawker, the man in a suit, or the angkot driver. Every each of them has been living life with their own friends and lover and family and home and interests and thoughts and activities and jobs and problems that bug their sleep and lifetime goals to live for, and I will never have enough time to get to know every one of them and laugh with every funny moment they share.

Millions may live in a city, and when I travel abroad, there’s a whole country I would have no idea about the daily life they’re living. In my lifetime I will only be able to know so few out of the billions out there who could be living in either sides of plain joy or total suffering. How many of you ever tried starting a conversation with a total stranger who sits beside you in the bus? (Yeah, not a really safe thing to do in Jakarta.) This is where movies and documentaries and talk shows take their place, to tell you interesting stories you otherwise wouldn’t have known your entire life. Though reality is often stranger than fiction, and there will always be tales that never make it to the scriptwriters and filmmakers…  Those untold stories reminded me to the magnitude of time and space, that every stranger you see on the street has a life you’ll never know about.

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20. September 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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