To the people who are always hungry of knowing more and exploring the limits of what humans have come to learn, to be encapsulated in the infinite loop of knowledge that is the Internet could be the greatest timesink ever. How did we end up being connected 24/7 through every little device that compute, interacting with anyone anywhere without being able to disconnect? The advent of Internet enabled us to build another universe within our universe, that is the virtual world, where everybody is equal and mutual conversations happen beyond physical boundaries. The result: acceleration of development and innovations over the last two decades. How would we imagine modern day banking, stock trading, scientific research, literature and military without being powered by the Internet? The connection has been so ubiquitous that even if you state that you hardly open your Firefox, chances are you’re still regularly chat and update your social network through your ever-increasingly-smartphone. It’s no surprise if in the next few years people are walking down the streets with augmented reality (AR) embedded on their shades, or even perhaps “replicants” a la the Blade Runner. Before the time comes, the question remains:

Why not disconnect?

In the cult animation Ghost in the Shell there are only few people who refuse to undergo the “cyberization” process to become completely connected directly through your nervous system, but this is 2011 and the most we can do these days is to disconnect. How about living a day away from your laptop and Blackberry and read books and converse and play board games instead? A day of not sharing every little bit of your activities and instead being immersed in a one-way communication with that Dante Alighieri book you never get to finish. Okay, maybe not Dante, but you get the idea. Even Atlas Shrugged will do if you’ve got the time.

Stay shut. Retrace what you’ve done and what you haven’t. Explore your untrained abilities. Converse with your own mind.



A very relevant comic from the brilliant SMBC

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29. August 2011 by Kevin Aditya
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