20 things to do (right) after turning 20

Since making a ’20 things to do before turning 20′ list less than 24 hours before actually turning 20 is kind of, uh, late, my friend Puty (who happened to share the same birthdate) suggested to make a list of 20 things to do right after turning 20.

Which sounds pretty cool unless the first 10 is going to be dominated with sleeping and being terribly hungry (it’s the first day of the fasting month after all!), but damned if I don’t try it out first. At least the items won’t need to be done right after turning 20… if it couldn’t be done in one day, I’ll give myself 10 years to finish them.

And no, it couldn’t be done in one day.


20 things to do after turning 20

1. Figure out my passion. Half of me said this has been done, but keep searching anyway.

2. Find the equilibrium between ‘passion’ and ‘work’ and make a living out of it. Financial freedom is a must!

3. Gain weight. About 20 more kilos.

4. Read a minimum of 2 books each month.

5. Write a book or two.

6. Travel to 10 countries in the 4 continents. Or 5? How many continents do we have?

7. Be able to sleep just enough to function. Oversleeping is a waste.

8. Drink water regularly. A lot.

9. Have a pretty home of my own.

10. A steady supply of dark chocolate and/or potato chips.

11. Powerful gaming rig. PC of course.

12. Watch Sátántangó in one run.

13.Plant a tree that grows with me.

14. Master a minimum of two more languages.

15. Learn to play an instrument. Regarding this, I think I have the inverse of a talent.

16. Have my own pet, preferably a small one.

17. Make a short film (again).

18. Develop a healthy point of view of the people and the world as a whole.

19. Find the Creator, or the lack of it.

20. Be grateful with life.

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