So, here it goes, there’s this good friend of mine and we’ve known each other for around 7 years. It was grade 7, and he was my classmate, and in high school we played together in a just-for-fun band, so we have basically had some good times together. He is continuing his study at Louisiana State University, which is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, god knows where it is. At the day of his departure, August 4th, I was unfortunate that I couldn’t send him off (is that the right term?) with my other friends since I was on the LFM documentation team for the ITB June graduation. He’s probably not going to come back for another 2 years or so, and well, this playlist is to make up for it dude. There goes one other of my friends, and soon there will be some more to Aussie, Netherlands, Germany…. Now dude, I know you’ll have great times there, but nevertheless the adaptation part sure as hell won’t be easy. I’d say go out a lot and enjoy the chance you’ve been given. So here are some songs just in case you miss your Bunderan Pamulang and Kebayoran and friends and stuff. The tracks are virtually handpicked by me for their hopefully matching lyrical content to your life there (in other words, read the damn lyrics bro!). Be a nice dude and buy me some band merch, ‘kay.

And of course, since it’s for Reza Dwi Saputra, the songs should be emo/alternative rock/whaddayacallit.

on the left is @nindyanisita and yea it's a crappy webcam photo

Download here mofos!!

Put it in any order you like:

Jimmy Eat World // The Middle
Cinematic Sunrise // Crossing Our Fingers for the Summer
Bright Eyes // Another Travelin’ Song
Nightmare of You // Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf
Brand New // Millstone
The Used // The Taste of Ink
You, Me, and Everyone We Know // Livin’ Th’ Dream
City and Colour // Waiting…
Jack’s Mannequin // The Lights and Buzz
Lovedrug // Pretend You’re Alive

This one is out of the league but I’d like to include it anyway:
The Kooks // See the World

p.s. it’s hard to find good songs that are NOT about love these days. I tried hard so not to sound gay.

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11. August 2010 by Kevin Aditya
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