Making movies is exhaustively fun!

Hey fellows, been exactly a month since the last playlist post. This December I’ve been totally, extremely busy with all the exams especially calculus which I’ve studied like hell but still found it too hard to handle, but my physics and chemistry are saved for this semester with scores on the verge of despair. That’s one gloom for this month, but the light of December is that I’ve worked hard to shoot my film all this week! So in ITB I joined LFM (Liga Film Mahasiswa), the student unit where you learn how to make films or take photos whatsoever, and before I could become a real member I got to do the final assignment of making a real movie, 15 to 30 minutes in length with a production house consisted of random people from the soon-to-be-videographers.

left-right, up-down: Ulul, Guidho, Ryan, Radit. Rachma, Novi, Adis, Juju, Kevin. Eka

Introducing Miripmirip Films, my production house! With Guidho as director, Adis as scriptwriter and ass. director, Juju (my highschool mate) as production manager, Novi as art director, Rachma as art director 2, Ryan as editor, Eka as director of photography, and me as cameraman/DOP 2, we are making a movie with the plot that revolves around a highschooler Jonas (played by Ulul, he’s a talented one) who always envies his perfect older brother Joe (played by Radit, pretty much charismatic guy) and attempts many silly little things in hopes of one-upping Radit, with little success. (The movie is not titled yet, hehe.) We had around six days of shooting, which were superbly tiring but also superbly fun! Creating story ideas, writing script, drawing storyboards, completing breakdown scripts, shooting scenes, we all did them together. It was a very tiring process, and now I got this running nose all day due to flu from exhaustion. Now that today finally all the scenes have been shot, it’s up to Ryan and Guidho to complete the editing process… so goodluck guys! I’ll help on creating posters and packaging. When the movie is finalized I’ll post it on youtube or something so you readers can watch it. Wish us luck, and here’s a look at the stills of a movie in the making. As the LFM videography tagline goes, making movies is fun!

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24. December 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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