Sooo today which is the 24th of November, my friend Ama is having her 19th birthday! Woohoo go congratulate her now on twitter, this is 2009! She’s an undergrad student at Atmajaya University majoring in accounting, has a very cool tumblr and blog, and at hectic times her bright wisdom can heal your doubts and confusion. She also got a fine taste in music, and that’s why I made a special compilation tailored to (what I thought should be) her musical taste. I named it Polyvinyl Birthday Tunes because of her unreasonable fondness to polyvinyl chloride, and if other fellow readers might be interested you can download it as well. Happy 19th birthday Samarthya, may you look younger and grow slightly taller! 😛

01. Lullaby for the Working Class // Good Morning
02. Passion Pit // Little Secrets
03. Zero 7 // Pop Art Blue
04. The Big Pink // Tonight
05. Taken By Trees // My Boys
06. Letting Up Despite Great Faults // Folding Under Stories Told
07. Atlas Sound // Shelia
08. Chairlift // Bruises
09. Kings of Convenience // Peacetime Resistance
10. Autumn’s Grey Solace // Outlive

and because this one reminds you of something you can’t remember:

11. John Mayer // Crossroads

click on the image and enjoy!

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24. November 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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