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These two weeks some of my friends’ long distance relationships have gone very troubled. They asked me how to cope with it but not even I know the answer. Being in an LDR means letting the beats of your heart go only for the one you don’t even see every week or month, and wait however long for the sake of keeping your words. But in a relatively young age like we are in now, people change like seasons, and committing yourself into something before knowing how would you change in a matter of months is pretty much an impossible thing to do. Promising love before you’re going but later making out with another girl/guy after you’re on a distance, and defending yourself upon the wisdom of “people change”, it shows how LDRs are just impossible. There’s kisses you can never tell, affections you can never mention to whom you’ve made your commitment with, because it’ll just hurt them either way. But then, falling in love can never be wrong, can it? Having found another heart to share things with means the old one will just become an aftertaste. Like a rotten apple that has lost its sweetness just because you forget to keep them in the fridge. You think of it as a process of life, the joy of loving youth, and then nobody’s the mean one. Because no matter how long have you been with, when you’ve found a stronger chemistry with someone, you’ll just go for it.

Because as Summer Finn in (500) Days of Summer says, it can be as easy as “I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray and a guy comes up to me and asked me about it, and… now he’s my husband”.

Because long distance love is like a balloon, where you either let the string go so it would float in the sky or wait until it pops at some time, and both will still make you feel losing something fun and important.

Dedicated for my friend R.S.


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13. November 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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