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These two weeks some of my friends’ long distance relationships have gone very troubled. They asked me how to cope with it but not even I know the answer. Being in an LDR means letting the beats of your heart go only for the one you don’t even see every week or month, and wait however long for the sake of keeping your words. But in a relatively young age like we are in now, people change like seasons, and committing yourself into something before knowing how would you change in a matter of months is pretty much an impossible thing to do. Promising love before you’re going but later making out with another girl/guy after you’re on a distance, and defending yourself upon the wisdom of “people change”, it shows how LDRs are just impossible. There’s kisses you can never tell, affections you can never mention to whom you’ve made your commitment with, because it’ll just hurt them either way. But then, falling in love can never be wrong, can it? Having found another heart to share things with means the old one will just become an aftertaste. Like a rotten apple that has lost its sweetness just because you forget to keep them in the fridge. You think of it as a process of life, the joy of loving youth, and then nobody’s the mean one. Because no matter how long have you been with, when you’ve found a stronger chemistry with someone, you’ll just go for it.

Because as Summer Finn in (500) Days of Summer says, it can be as easy as “I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray and a guy comes up to me and asked me about it, and… now he’s my husband”.

Because long distance love is like a balloon, where you either let the string go so it would float in the sky or wait until it pops at some time, and both will still make you feel losing something fun and important.

Dedicated for my friend R.S.


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13. November 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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  1. wise man tells wise words, doesn’t it? hahah

  2. “Because no matter how long have you been with, when you’ve found a stronger chemistry with someone, you’ll just go for it.” agreed. strong chemistry cannot be separated with anything, that chemistry equals.. commitment at love.

    i might also add: you are facing a relationship between you and someone. I think it’s really reasonable when people having long distance issues to another people, frustrated, then becoming a deep, yet, a bad thinker. I guess your maturity skills being tested. if you learn it well, insya Allah it will grow better.

    (nimbrung bgt)

    • some people will abandon anything when they’ve found a strong chemistry I guess. and yeah, I do know that long distance issues pull out every negativity you have inside of you. maturity is the key, I think… unfortunately that’s what I and most people are lacking.

      • it’s just a part of your journey to achieve a maturity of yourself. things that may be very easy to say but hard to do in a relationship is trust. we still have a lot of time thou. enjoy it with a sense of trust and try to avoid futile belief. take your time then.

  3. real inspired hehe

  4. damn you, haha. guess i’ll try to hold the string for as long as it needed. anywaaay, Summer’s words and our friend’s case are different, i think. hhh but still, the change of feeling. just can’t do anything ’bout it.

  5. blogwalking (: dan gue pengen sedikit komentar, bolehkah? hehe
    gue termasuk salah seorang yang gagal dalam ber LDR hehe. mantan gue seangkatan sama lo di ITB, dayat kenal tuh. gue ga ada ide deh soal LDR ini. tapi kalo boleh dikasih kesempatan buat balikan lagi yaa, gue bisa tau apa yang harus dilakukan saat lo menjalankan LDR.
    dan sebenernya bullshit saat lo pikir lo cinta sama seseorang. Karena menurut gue cinta itu cuma dimiliki sama 2 jenis manusia. Manusia kepada Tuhannya dan Ibu kepada anaknya. Dan yang lo rasain sama lawan jenis lo itu cuma sayang dan kepedulian yang besar. oke sekian hehe. kalo ga keberatan, tolong baca post blog gue terakhir dong hehe makasih dan salam kenal (:

    • ah, mungkin lo belom ngerasain bener-bener jatuh cinta 😀 haha dan menurut gue cinta sama pasangan itu setara sama dua jenis cinta yang lo sebut itu. tergantung dari bagaimana lo menghargai dan mendalami arti dari sebuah perasaan aja… salam kenal juga 🙂

      • oh oke mungkin gue belom ngerasain jatuh cinta tapi bisa juga kan lo yang belum mencoba untuk menakar gimana cinta nyokap sama anaknya atau cinta manusia sama Tuhannya. Dan soal mendalami perasaan sama lawan jenis, kalau menurut gue ga terlalu worth it, hehe. Soalnya cinta sama lawan jenis itu cuma semacam aplikasi tambahan aja. Cinta yang hakiki itu ya dua itu, KALAU MENURUT GUE LOH YAA :p

  6. whoa.
    very loud standing applause :D, just if i read this post before i took that bad decision,maybe.. yeaaah hahah. you-know-what-i-mean. i’m one of that ‘one of my friends’ long distance relationships have gone very troubled.’ and what all we knew at that time just Break up,go on with the new one maybe would be the most suitable solution for our pain. or maybe it’s just mine.:( (we all wanted to getout from this fuckin changes) but i feel like i miss and missed him damnly much. i’ve tried to be stronger everyday and believed that we’re the strongest but i couldn’t stand for any longer. so.. it just like a have-tobe-ending-story. even we both still had a million jillion promises,wishes,plannings,and other hundreds ‘miss you’ words :,) i think it’s really unfair.. for what we had built so long,had to be ended by a distance,conditions,and changes… or maybe it’s not the end,it’s just a ‘delayed’ (hahahaha you wish ras. ;P)
    and i’m disagree with your words ‘Having found another heart to share things with means the old one will just become an aftertaste.’

    TRY another heart, FEEL another love, GO ON with a new one… just gonna be the easiest way to destroy my pity heart hahaha trust me.

    but your post really inspired me, and maybe the whole LDR couples. thankyou berrymuch 😀

    Ps: (please DO NOT tell ‘your-cartoonfaced-friend about this comment. and please ignore my verybad english :P)

    • if you’ve got a good chemistry then why breaking up? when you’re still continuously missing him then I guess you shouldn’t bother trying on another relationship… finish what you’ve started, either go back or cut it off. and especially when the guy’s a really nice one, going back would be a rather good option haha 😛

      and thanks for my being your inspiration, although I actually wrote it in a rather negative light but I’m glad if you could grasp the positive side of it 😀

  7. gue baru baca,met dan gue menangis (lagi) but thank you very much bestfriend. i love you!

  8. My emotions flew along with your writing.

  9. Thank you, so much. This is really inspiring 🙂 I wanna say something but I’m no good with writing my thoughts.

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