Days roll at irregular pace

Dilla & Ahtar and no, they're not a couple.

What I still haven’t found three months after moving to this town is stability. My basic principle for life so far is to “view everything as neither right nor wrong”, and when those words helped me at times to stay neutral at morality problems, in some other ways it also sent me lost in the flow of a busy undergrad student’s life. I can’t seem to find a learning style that fit, not yet. My priorities are scrambled up, my ability to focus falls low under the normal line, my long-lost empathy for loving and giving… stays lost. And my room is always a huge space of mess I can’t help tidying up, literally.

All I have to hold on to is myself.

My life is an arrhythmia
for now.

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30. October 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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