Wandering patriotism

Forgive me founding fathers.

Forgive me founding fathers.

The introductory week was fine and the first real studying week was finer and I think it’s the best I could get for now but for the last two weeks one question has been bugging my head: is it bad to not be a nationalist? In the long introductory week all the seniors and lecturers on the seminars were all about “making Indonesia a better place to live” and everything. They said to not be an apathetic human but that’s exactly who I am now. Every time I do the Ganesha salute shouting “to god, nation and almamater” I have my silence on the first two stuffs and is it wrong to live with a passion only for ourselves? I really don’t care where this nation will be going unless it directly affects my life. I don’t vote. I guess I’m not a really nice guy to get along.

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22. August 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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