August is my fave month for sure

This August sure starts good, isn’t it, anyone? I lack time to post words since the start of the month, and I’m sure as hell this August will be a pretty busy month. Like on August 1st that was my birthday, I invited some friends to come and have a good lunch at a cafe, we had a good time and thanks to some friends that were gonna go to the Phoenix concert later that night that they chose to come have lunch together instead of going to the Phoenix meet & greet at Aksara hahaa :D. It’s sad that very soon we’ll be going on our own paths, going to different unis to chase our future, but hey that’s life and let’s just celebrate the good times we still have!

And the day after that I went to Bandung to deal with the leftover ITB affairs, and walk around Bandung with Ahtar Echy Juju and some other friends for days. In Bandung I live in this ermm… (what’s the English for “kos”?) at Teuku Angkasa st. behind the Santo Borromeus Hospital, so it’s within walking distance from ITB (very, very good). My housemates Juno and Rafi were quite fun to play around with, and the room’s pretty big so I guess everything will be fine. The walk-around-town-all-day was really fun, but I don’t know if the college has started will I get the chance to stroll around the town like that, I hope so. Based on the given schedule I will attend all the classes with Echy, good to hear I’ve at least one friend in the classes for the start of the year. Oh and I’ve got my alma mater jacket now!  The color is this greenish blue something whatchacallitidunno, it’s pretty cool btw. I went back at August 5th so currently I’m in Jakarta but at Sunday I’ll really start living in Bandung for years to come, wish me luck, oh but I don’t believe in luck but whatever. I’ll post stuff when I got the time because starting August 10th the ITB events have begun until 17th, and right on the day after that the semester will finally begin. Life really must go on, and it’s good that now I can forget stuffs from the past. How’s your life people?

p.s. I hope everything goes well for my good friend Ansy, she’s gone off to Jogjakarta today to continue her study in UGM. All the best fer yew matey!

p.p.s. check out this Oscar Wilde song, it’s a single by my current favorite band, the Chicago indie pop female-fronted Company of Thieves. I’ll write a review of their extraordinary album Ordinary Riches when I’ve got the time.

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06. August 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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