for being in a relationship again after just 2 weeks.

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22. July 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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  1. Congraats!
    it’s not good to live in the misery of loneliness after all
    though as for me, i think it’s a gift to stay singular; always engage but not engaged 😉

    but to whom shall I deliver the other “congratulations”, mr?

    • err you’re not getting it, rite pew? it’s obviously not ME, why the hell should I get another gf after only 2 weeks of breaking up? I’m not a jerk.

      • oh and I’m not mad at you, no not at all

      • yeah, you’re not the kind of jerk who gets with another girl so soon after breaking up – you’re the kind who gets with another girl while you’re still dating someone.

        • uhm, I could see your email address mr. mcnair. you’ve never been in an LDR before have you? can you imagine how difficult it was to keep your feelings warm for one person? I made mistakes, I admit my mistakes to come clean. and I tried to come back to the one I’ve been waiting for. but once again, what should one expect — a perfect, flawless love? get real. when someone doesn’t respect the effort you’ve gone through to retain a relationship, I think that’s the one whose conscience is nonexistent.

          • merlin’s beard.
            sorry i didnt get it then, but i do now
            pardon my ignorance

            just got an ldr ended over here too

          • oww, then you probably understand how it feels rite

          • yeah, i originally put my name, but you would’ve immediately disregarded anything i wrote. and no, i haven’t been in one until now, and i believe you about how hard it is, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to mistreat someone. i don’t understand why you’re allowed to make countless mistakes, but she’s not allowed to move on with her life. you say you love her, so why do you continue to insult her? why did you trash her when she wasn’t even around to defend herself? that’s not love, that’s being controlling and manipulative. when you love someone, you don’t want to force or guilt her into loving you, but rather for her to genuinely love you back. you say she doesn’t appreciate your effort, but it seems like she made a far greater effort than you; an effort that you clearly don’t appreciate. i don’t blame you at all for trying to get back with her, but look at how you’re doing it. instead of sending her something over here as an apology after you broke up with her, you told her “fuck you and fuck your life.” i know you were frustrated, but that’s no excuse. anyway, my problem now is not that you cheated on her, but that you continue to mistreat her. once again, that’s not love. i apologize for being so discourteous earlier, but, as you can attest, when you care about someone you do things.

  2. oh. firstly if I were so controlling and manipulative I wouldn’t have let her go near any guy while she was there. secondly I never insulted her except for that one time, when I was too frustated. can’t I be frustated? and I have my own way of doing things, and sending stuff over is not one of them. don’t compare it to what you might do, and don’t make it like I was so effortless. things were not that easy. I’m not trying to get her back anymore, it’s irrepairable beyond all means now. it just saddens me that she could throw away all our efforts so easily. I can’t move on in just 2 friggin weeks after 11 months, no, it’s not that easy, but do whatever you two want. thank you.

  3. well, I wish everything would back to normal, Kev. Make sure your private problem doesn’t bother your CALCULUS scores.

    Omona, did I say Calculus? XD

    P.S : I don’t know about your problem, kev. Sorry to say, but I suggest you not to say any harsh words towards a girl. Please not say that F word, please. Cheer up for you always, KEV! Salam Ganesha, uwoooohh

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