Reinventing… love.

This photograph, along with many others, will now be kept in my mental box of precious times.

The July 7th full moon glaring on my way home from your house
tells me silently, a love is not found, it is built
from sweat and tears, just like the life you dream to live.

It’s painful, everything keeps us apart,
your decision will forever keeps us apart,
but I’ll try to understand your future is way more important
than any love I could ever give you.

Thanks, for the moments we have had.
I will reinvent my science of mending hearts.

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07. July 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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  1. huhuhu be tough ya met

  2. that post, along with many others, will now be kept in this metal blog of vicious times of yours

    great words.

  3. sebenernyaa, gue udah tau ini dari juju, kev. waktu dia tahu gue kenal sama lo dan echy, dia keceplosan gitu. jangan marah sama dia ya kev, dia gak sengaja kok, soalnya gue juga sempet nanya soal cewek lo. Mana gue tahu kalo Aisha itu ternyata satu sekolah bareng lo. well, dari ceritanya juju sih gue tahu kalo Aisha itu OSM banget. Supel, dll. Hehehe, nggak apalah punya kenangan sama orang talented gitu kan bikin bangga juga hahaha.

    pokoknya ambil positifnya aja ya kev, move on terus ok. sip gan ! LANJUTKAN!

  4. no. seriously bro. i’m not just saying it. i really mean it. i like it. great words! I’ll be following the monoplane now! rock on! m/m/m/

  5. yes. i can see that. i really like this writing of yours because, in all of those jumbled words you formed, it sort of reached out for me somehow. But i gotta tell you, even if this is about love, it ain’t sappy nor cheesy one bit, if you ask me. It’s simply honest from the inside isn’t it, kev? That’s also why I like this poetry. Can i call this poetry? Well anyway, Nice mate! waiting for your next post, soon!

    • hmm I’m not bound with any kind of literature but yeah call it a poem. haha it’s just me being honest about myself… or maybe not. at least I’m trying to be good for her. this relationship means so much to me. I’ll post stuffs very soon, thanks bal!

  6. hey mate you sounded so sad. don’t be. aza aza fighting! those moments you’ve had are things you should really earned. have a great life!

  7. there is more to come..cheer up!.

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