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Hellooo there if anyone is reading this, it’s been some time (like 17 days) since I last posted, whoa that’s my longest interval yet. In these two weeks my life had been starting to roll to the next phase, the college life. My graduation day was on June 21st and yeah I got 5.5 in math but hey, three 9s out of six subjects is not bad. And that means I am no longer a high school student. So long the days of wearing uniform and idling aimlessly in classes with absent teacher, I’ll miss them but life must goes on.

Thats Arini beside me.

That's Arini beside me.

Then, June 25th was the prom night and my prom “date” was Echy. Everything was, um, decent but at the end of the night Sheila on 7 performed live specially for us! Riiight, it’s that SO7 with their classics like “Sahabat Sejati” and “Jadikanlah Aku Pacarmu” that we all remember and love throughout our childhood. Singing along is a rule here, or maybe you’re not Indonesian. Photos (and fan-subjective review) can be found on my friend Ansy’s blog here. Kudos to the prom committee! Oh, and the morning after the news was all about MJ’s death, so long Jacko, you will be missed.

How could you resist not to sing and jump around, even in your prom suit?

How could you resist not to sing and jump around, even in your prom suit?

And on July 1st I had to return some forms to ITB at the Sasana Budaya Ganesa. The rules are strict, be there before 8.30 am or you’re not gonna wear the blue jacket this year. It’s exciting getting to know the fellow SAPPK students, although I didn’t get to know many yet since there’s too many new forms to take and fill. I spent four more days in Bandung, and one thing I learnt is that people there drive like old donkeys, too friggin laid back and not eager to take the fastest lane to go around. Or is it because Jakarta is a driving hell? I also found some good secondhand books at Palasari like Dante’s Inferno and Rachel Field’s Calico Bush but most importantly I got a Spanish-English dictionary complete with introductory grammar lesson chapters for just Rp 140k! Oh and, I didn’t post these past days because I have some serious love problem and my mood is all wrecked up. But, whatever, if it can’t be helped I’m gonna start a new life anyway. I’ll post some music reviews when it’s all solved, adiós!

p.s. I know Twitter is the most useless service on the web but I made one anyway. Followers are welcome @kevinaditya

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