It’s Inspiron

Dude, I’m writing this from my new silver Dell Inspiron 1427 which my dad bought me in the Festival Komputer Indonesia because I got into ITB and because I can’t convince him enough to buy a Macbook instead. Oh well, he said Mac’s kinda overpriced, the specifications not any good than other brands and apparently “because it looks better” isn’t convincing enough of a reason, haha but this Inspiron thing is quite cool.Intel Core 2 Duo T6400, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, 250GB HDD and nVidia GeForce GS 9300M 512MB — the last one is why I picked this in the first place. I just hope it would last long enough before new versions of many softwares start to ask for higher and higher specification…

Webcam test, check

Webcam test, check

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14. June 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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