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Back before the new millenium, horror movies are supposedly for guys who want to appear bravehearted while watching it with his dream girl that clings in his arms, crying like babies needing someone to protect her life from the on-screen demons. But the 21st century horror films nowadays like Saw or Hostel, they all serve nothing but another new way to kill someone by throat-cutting, finger-ripping, limb-amputating the victims so severely they shriek in pain ’till death comes — this age is the rise of torture porn genre. Horror films today sure aren’t a good way to spend a Saturday night, correct?

Wait, there’s Sam Raimi to save the day with his newest movie, Drag Me to Hell. Yeah, I also thought how a guy who made Peter Parker dressed in all black complete with the emo fringe could make good horror movie, but hey, what I didn’t know is that he was well-known for making cult horror flicks way before those Spiderman stuffs. And so I entered the cinema with Harsyah, Luna and Sung — but two guys and two girls don’t necesarrily make us two couples — that’s where I remember that I HATE horror movies (I get scared easily, dammit). But whatever, the movie poster was convincing enough to make me want to watch it in the first place. How could you resist such poster full with emotion?

The movie starts, there’s this blonde cutie named Christine Brown who works daily as a loan officer, and currently she’s competing for the assistant manager position with the Asian guy Stu Rubin as her competition. One day an old crazy gypsy woman named Mrs. Ganush begs her for another mortgage extension for her house because she’s having financial difficulties. Reminiscing her boss’s words that he would prefer someone who can make tough decisions to be promoted, she rejects the extension even as the old lady begs on her knees, shaming Mrs. Ganush in the process. Later that night when Christine is going to her car at the basement parking lot, the old lady suddenly reappears and strangled her in a frightening struggling scene, but finally she only takes Christine’s coat button while cursing the word “laaamiiiaaaa” before disappearing, leaving Christine and her wrecked car behind. Then as her skeptic boyfriend Clay Dalton picks her up from the basement mess, she suddenly stops at a psychic store and intuitively decides to read her fortune. She’s damn well surprised when the Indian paranormal Rham Jas tells her that she has been cursed and within three days of torment, she will be dragged to hell by the demon Lamia…

Hey, come on old lady, dont barge into my car like that.

Hey, come on old lady, don't barge into my car like that.

Well, there’s no point in spoiling the story. What I have to tell you is that this is a really effective horror story, playing with classic blaring sound effects that will send you wrinkling on your seat instead of gore scenes full of blood. And hey, Raimi even inserted some awkwardly comedic scenes for some laughs! Really, this is a PG-13 rated horror movie. A really campy one, it reminds me of some 80s-90s decent horror flicks I’ve watched, but this one does the job well. Sam Raimi puts every element of classic horror thrills into the screen including the huge movie title just before the end credits.The demon rarely shows up throughout the movie, and that frightens you more than seeing zombies every 30 seconds, right? It brings back horror movies to be watchable on a Saturday night with your girl without feeling queasy for the rest of the night — if you’re single, go find some love!


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08. June 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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