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Don’t you realize that nothing is universally right or wrong? If you help that old lady crossing the busy street, it’s right because it’s just what you choose to do. If you murder a man, it’s right because it’s just what you choose to do. Our real guideline is the society that always judge the moral values of anything you do, but don’t let the flow bring you down!

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02. June 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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  1. PreScript: woah new look! udh lama ga buka nih vin

    i love radical thoughts such as yours
    exactly, nothing’s really right or wrong
    but it’s our common sense that brings that down rite?
    : sense of justice(yeh soon-to-be-lawl-school-freshman talking)
    and wasn’t it god given? it comes with the package (our corpse, our soul)
    but of course only if the idea of divinity suits you that much

    anyways, i hate the society
    they do always tell us what to do, what to not to. they think they’re the most righteous, i almost see it as heresy and blasphemy
    f*ck it, the hatred, is growing even more rapidly since they dropped me out

    • but but I think humans are born empty, not even with a common sense. again, the thing we call ‘common sense’ isn’t it just a collection of norms we gain from other people as we grow up? say, if you was born in a war-torn country wouldn’t you think killing others is simply just a way to survive?

      • well, then again
        from what do you think a war-torn country made of?
        tell me it’s not a consequence of people doing all the wrong things in the wrong place
        tell me that war is not wrong
        tell me that an 8 year old kid that carries an rpg around his neighborhood to survive is not wrong

        • a war is born from the clashing of the so-called ‘nationalism’ between two countries isn’t it? both of them think that it’s right to fight for their country, because you’re always told to protect your nation from neighboring dangers. see, even what you think is right to do is wrong when you take different point of view.

          • i agree, it is so different when we take different viewpoint
            and both of them think that it’s wrong for others to invade their homeland
            but let’s see what bush did. did every american agreed?
            that’s where common sense is, it does came from experience, but see again i think there’s a reason why it’s called common.
            because it’s about how humane you are. humanity. and on certain point until another point, that’s what everybody should be having in their heart and mind.
            so we can always try to get better, as a human. in doing so, getting a better society.
            and the teachers won’t overdo it next time a kid doing pranks at school. lol

          • yeah, it’s called common sense because it came from the experience of the people. and from common sense comes humanity, too… so I guess it doesn’t come naturally but rather by the collective life experiences of people. one does not born ‘naturally’ humane as far as I see.

            and well, I feel sorry for you too pew as I thought what you got was unjust, but hey you’ve got good university now haha, FH UI! 😀

  2. hmmm i don’t fully agree with the whole right and wrong not being right and wrong. haha. the moral standards keep this world sane. but yeah, i agree the crowd shouldn’t dictate our actions. we should freely choose what we wanna do while at the same time being readily responsible for whatever the outcome.

  3. i still think there IS a difference between right and wrong, some are just too naive to acknowledge them and some choose to ignore them

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  5. you remind me of Christopher McCandless

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