Treasure of the week: Lovedrug

Actually the Lovedrug album I listened last week, The Sucker Punch Show, was on par with Sweat It Out but I was on the mood for pop punk and after a few more listen, the Lovedrug album really enchants me more. Their debut and second album, Pretend You’re Alive and Everything Starts Where It Ends, respectively, also has surprisingly caught my ears like no other. This mix of various genres could best be described as “indie rock” (well okay it’s more like emo) but the real power of the band lies in Michael Shepard’s shrieking, wailing tenor vocal. The way he wails in some song like “Spiders” reminded me of that guy from Radiohead, eugh. Like how good bands get all their loyal fans, firstly you’ll get hooked by their catchy riffs on some songs, then once you dig deeper, what you got is a whole booklet of poetic lyrics full of metaphors. “Watch angels in the morning become a devil’s afternoon, I will panic in the evening underneath the crashing moon.” Really, who wouldn’t buy that? The three albums are progressing musically, as the 2004 Pretend You’re Alive is more mellow and piano-oriented, 2007’s Everything Starts Where It Ends is still piano-driven on some songs but rocks more on the better songs, and with the 2008 album The Sucker Punch Show they put in more indie rock with a slight taste of grunge. It’s worth a try. If you’re interested try a Google Blog Search like this.

genre: emo pop, indie rock, whatever

sounds like: hmm… Abandoned Pools, or maybe As Tall As Lions.

loved tracks: Pretend You’re Alive, Blackout, Castling, Let It All Out

From The Sucker Punch Show: “Everyone Needs a Halo”

Give these guys a few listens. Hopefully it’s a pleasant treat for your ears.


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31. May 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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