A painted house

Today some of the walls in my house got repainted so I had to tend the workers, although all I did was playing the recently released Devil Summoner 2 on PS2 in my room (it’s a good game, I’m tellin’ ya). At the afternoon when those walls had been freshly painted white, there struck my nose that unique smell of new house coming from the walls, that brought me back nostalgic feelings of… something I can’t remember. My sense of smell has always been slightly sensitive to stuffs, and I relate some of my past memories with certain smells. For this one though, probably it’s one of the better times — it brought back some sense of security, like snugging back into my bed in the morning to sleep in. Maybe it’s after my house was renovated some 5-6 years ago. Maybe it’s just a déjà vu. I hate it when your senses told you that the memories are right there, but your mind really can’t recall anything. Was my nose lying?

edit: 2.46 am, now I remember it. Exactly, it was the smell of Aisha’s house, how could I forgot? That sure brought back memories… ah, now I overload my emotional capacity. And if after this halftime MU still can’t overcome Barca’s defense then I’m losing a little bet with Ahtar.

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27. May 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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