Treasure of the week: The Pink Spiders – Sweat It Out

Throughout this week I’ve been plugging my ears into lots of artists, because what’s a holiday without good tunes for your playing-out days? I downloaded albums randomly, some are good, some are just plain indifferent. But one album that really struck my senses is The Pink Spiders’ Sweat It Out, and I mean they’re really really sugary good! Although I’ve never heard of them earlier (such regret) but this 2008 album is the best one I ever listened since… well,  I regret not hearing Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me earlier too. The internet says Sweat It Out is not the band’s biggest album, but oh what a sweet blend of pop punk-garage-rock n’ roll this band has caught me! One thing I noticed first is that this band has dominant bass lines throughout the album, and that’s a good thing. Good bands (or at least the ones I like) should have the bassist making up a good foundation for their songs. “Busy Signals” makes a good opening track with garage feel, while “Seventeen Candles” reminds me of Panic at the Disco with catchy pop-punk riffs and piano playing — which is very good. I’d be too lazy to describe one-by-one, but I highly recommend this album. Fits up my holiday mood perfectly. If you’re interested do a Google Blog Search.

genre: glam punk/powerpop

sounds like: older Panic at the Disco, Wakefield, Hot Hot Heat

loved tracks: Seventeen Candles, Truth or Dare


edit: I’ve finally listened to Teenage Graffiti and it’s basically less pop/more punk, still great stuff!

and also if you’d like to know out of how many albums I picked this one as my favorite, these are the albums I’ve listened for the week:

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23. May 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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