Last of high school days

Today, May 14, I went to school as usual to take the computer exam where you have to type Excel documents and PowerPoint/Word/Photoshop piece-of-cake. My class didn’t take too long, then the boys played soccer as usual (we’re all really soccer freaks) then around half of my class went full spirited karaoke-ing. Uput and Nadhira sang like pigeons on crack but so do I, haha and after like 2 hours I went back home, still a bit tired from previous day’s wet trip to Waterbom. What is different about today is that this might be the last day I ever wear those gray pants and white/batik uniforms.

Starting tomorrow, there won’t be any tasks or exams piling on my back anymore, thankfully not even those university entrance tests, not anymore. Of course there’s still the UAN announcement next month, which actually should be the top thing to worry about, but let’s move it aside for now.

The last three years I spent at Labschool Kebayoran High is probably not the very best times a highschooler could get, but still those were such fine years I’ve been through. Even within the school activities itself, because to study in Labsky means you’ll have to prepare for loads of school events that will tire your ass off. TO, HOTT, Skybattle, study tours, and of course the Sky Avenue 2008, where I led the design team and it was quite a success, and it’s the first time I ever felt like really achieving something. When it comes to friends, it goes naturally for me to try to get to know everyone, and the guys in my school year are really a bunch of friendly and happy-go-round kids. They help me shape my personality and the way I see the world. I think I didn’t live this high school life to the fullest, but still these are the three years I will hardly forget. Now I’ll only have to wait for June to come… hope the best for everyone!

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14. May 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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