Wolves and conspiracies

Today is Saturday, 3.30 in the afternoon and I’m home alone because my leg muscles are aching badly from playing the interclass footsal final match the day before (which my class won). And, oh, headache. The kind that seems to come from lack of sleep, but sleeping more will actually make it worse, hell how could I get rid of it? Probably it’s because I spent too much time in the movie theatre this week. A day after watch-Watchmen-like-crazy day I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Haryo, Tian, Harsyah and Ramna, and the day after that I watched The International with Ahtar, Sung, Juju and Tenji. And, you think, how good were they?

Copter with machine guns? NO PROBLEM!!

Copter with machine guns? NO PROBLEM!!

I know those claws are the coolest damn weapons for a superhero. You see, being stuck in your knuckles, it’s so practical to chop off practically anything. The problem is, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that “practically ANYTHING” part and his unbelievable healing factor is going to make you keep repeating “He’s a mutant, he’s a mutant, he’s a goddam mutant” throughout the film because, you see, Wolverine’s fighting scenes are so nonsensically badass you’d love to puke bullets at the screen unless you calmly reminds yourself that he’s a mutant. Seriously, bullets? Swords? Missiles? That’s not gonna stop him from frankly stabbing his adamantium claws down your ass in a berserk rage. Oh, and about the storyline, it’s unimportantly well-done. Put your brain down and keep your eyes occupied for around 100 minutes.

Put your hands up! We have a boring movie!

Put your hands up! We have a boring movie!

The second one I watched, The International, was pretty much a movie for your 50-year-old dad who understands politics and have a thirst for conspiracies. Don’t watch this movie if those subjects are not relevant to your interests, trust me. So the plot basically revolves around some guy trying to bring down a huge bank that does dirty business like money laundering and arms trading, and you’ve got 118 minutes of talking, talking, sniping, anger releasing, talking, chasing, and talking all the time. Okay it’s got a good gunfight scene in the middle but it’s not helping. The political theme is well developed actually, but if you’re not a fan of the genre then be prepared to sleep after around 2/3 into the movie.

That’s all for my good week, did you just watched those movies on your Saturday night out? Gimme yer thoughts!

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