Treasure of the week 2009.04.29

This week’s been filled with a happier atmosphere because (almost) all the tests have been done so now there’s nothing more for me to study for, and maybe also because I’ve been listening to Lenka’s 2008 self-titled début all along. Filled with a wide range of instruments, the Australian singer brought us a good number of indie-ish pop songs with a dip of childlike atmosphere that will make your dullest day shines up a little. A good point is that her songs are layered with an orchestra of widely varied world instruments, making her music rich with eclectic folksy sounds and beats. Maybe you’ve heard her popular single “The Show” somewhere, but go listen to it yourself. If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: Pop/Un-folk (well, Wikipedia says it’s a genre)

sounds like: Regina Spektor, The Dresden Dolls

loved tracks: Don’t Let Me Fall, Anything I’m Not

p.s. click on the image dude

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29. April 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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