More than bliss

George Orwell’s critically acclaimed novel Nineteen Eighty-Four contains a slogan that’s as famous as the book itself: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”. Now forget about the first two socialistic remarks, the Ignorance is Strength one is what has been crisscrossing my mind for some time now.

I admit that ignoring things is one of few things I do best. This apathy is not a good quality to be present in anyone, but don’t you realize ignoring things is an easier way to be happy than caring about things? You glanced at the world outside, particularly Jakarta, and all you got is a big sad city. Homeless children begging for money in the street corners. Tons of litters ruining your pathetic environment. Unusable public facilities. Global warming.

Sorry, but I don’t put my heart into those things.

To care about what matters only to stuffs that affect my life is enough. No external unimportant thoughts burden my already-baffled mind, so then I could focus on improving my own life quality. And wait, it’s not only for the below-standard parts of your everyday world. When you see other people get things more than you could ever wished for, don’t cram those facts down your soul and let them turn into envy. Ignore them. That way you’ll feel content with your life without hurting anybody.

I’m about 50% apathetic, and I don’t let the quality dominate me. Well I’m not asking you to join the apathy way of living either, because I still believe that those social problems still need to be taken care of by anybody excluding me, but I’m just telling you that ignorance is more than bliss. It is strength!

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26. April 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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