Treasure of the week 2009.04.24

Finally I’ve got some free time after the toughest exam and throughout this week I’ve got this lovely album to accompany my studying-hard times. Sleepwalk, a Robot’s Love in the Time of Global Warming brings upon some lovable powerpop tunes with a sleek combination of lighthearted acoustic guitar and fancy synth. Not a really amazing album, but good to listen to when your head is full of chemistry formulas. Watch out, the songs’ infectious choruses might get stuck in your head for days! If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: Powerpop/Electropop

sounds like: hellogoodbye, and some more I couldn’t think of

loved tracks: Good for You, Rx

p.s. click on the image dude

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24. April 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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