Treasure of the week 2009.04.17

I decided to give y’all thoughts on some music I like, and maybe you’ll find them enjoyable as well. For this week I found myself listening non-stop to Four Year Strong’s Rise or Die Trying, which was released some time back in 2007 (I regret not hearing the album earlier).

Tight double-pedal drumming, shouts and screams in between songs, the hip powerpop-ish synth, and fast-paced singing is what this “melodic hardcore” is all about. Just like your everyday pop-punk, only twice the speed and add all of the elements above. A good one for firing up your lifeless day. If hearing the synths playing at the intro of some songs reminded you of that Pee Wee Gaskins, they indeed cite FYS as their influence, well in fact if Pee Wee decided to play it more hardcore, you can start calling them copycat. But to compare their ‘sophomore’ album to this record is just… oh well, ’nuff said and see what I get next week! If you’re interested, do some Google Blog Search.

genre: Popcore/Pop-punk

sounds like: A Day to Remember, Me vs. Hero

loved tracks: Bada Bing! Wit’ a Pipe, Abandon Ship or Abandon All Hope

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17. April 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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