April’s to-read list

This April I’ve already bought two books when I still got two others waiting to be finished. Since my reading sessions are incredibly easy to distract with practically anything, I don’t have a clue when will I finish them… Well, in case you’d like to know what kind of books I’ve got in my shelf (other than school textbooks I over-read for the final school exam):


genre: philosophy

Sophie’s World

A good intro for anyone interested in digging more into philosophy world, the smooth flow of old philosopher Alberto’s teaching of the philosophy of reason to the young girl Sophie seems to be highly irrelevant when magical things keep on happening in Sophie’s world… but the deeper the story, the more involved are the readers with the concept of “Playing God”. Still 102 pages to go!



This is the 4th Chuck Palahniuk novel I owned. Comprised of 23 horrifying and nausea-inducing stories, Palahniuk once again thrills his fans in the most gruesome way they could ever imagine. Imagining the first story is horrible enough for me, still tons of pages to finish!


Fugitives & Refugees

Haven’t I told you that I’m a huge Palahniuk fan? This one though isn’t a novel, but more of a nonfiction about the novelist’s journey and activities on his home city of Portland, Oregon, describing the culture of the community as he sees it. I luckily found this book for just Rp. 40k in Ranch Market where they sell QB World’s leftover books (maybe nonfictions are just that uninteresting). However my buddy Aldo borrowed it from me the first day I brought it to school, so I haven’t read it yet.


The Acid House

The last one is Irvine Welsh’s The Acid House, although this book is not really worth mentioning because it seems that he licked his Scottish tongue throughout his drafts to make the novel full of highly incomprehensible Scots slangs (just like Trainspotting). It’s really really hard to grasp the meaning of his sentences, therefore taking me ages to finish it.

That’s all I’ve got this month readers, hopefully after the UN exam I’ll be able to finish them all before May!

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13. April 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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