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I’ve grown quite fond of webcomics, and when there’s too many of them were drawn stick-figures style, this one is a true gem. Every strip of David Malki’s Wondermark is a hilarious, Victorian-style piece of art that delivers the best punchlines but can be absurd at times. Take a look at my recent favorite (edit: well I can’t help myself from posting more!):

Ahh, who wouldn’t love those self-defined “illustrated jocularities”? I’ll come back later with my favorite time-killing websites!

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01. May 2009 by Kevin Aditya
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  1. lo tau comic strip yg ada anak kecil blonde jabrik sm boneka macannya yg jd imaginary friendnya ga?

    gw lupa judulnya deh, keren tuh vin
    super gokil bgt

  2. kocak abis hahahaha

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